Services, products and tooling are available to control your induction process and to achieve your objectives.

From the development of the heating process up to parameter monitoring to guarantee the results. 

The offering is compatible with any induction manufacturer as EFD, Inductoheat, Ajax Tocco, Saet, SMS Elotherm, etc.



Traditional Inductors

For any induction application: heat treatment, brazing, heating, shrink fitting, etc.

  • With or without field intensifier (flux concentrator with special treatment to increase its lifespan)
  • Quick-change systems
  • RFID management compliance
  • Ceramic coating
  • PTFE coating for insulation

3D Inductors

Inductors where the coil is 3D printed by EBM (3DPCoil).

They can include the same options as traditional ones.

  • Mandatory in large productions and complex applications
  • Ideal for induction hardening
  • Max. coil size   W:180mm x L:180mm x H:350 mm volume.
  • 3DPCoil can be combined with other coils manufactured by other methods.
GH 3D INDUCTOR for Crankshafts

Traditional Quenches

During the hardening process the quench is a critical part in the process.

MIQ, post-heating and other type of quenches to the inductor are available.

High-technology plastic materials.

Traditional external hardening quench

3D Quenches

The combination of 3D Printed Quenches with 3D Inductors is the perfect team for the perfect hardening process. Use of high performance 3D polymeric materials.

  • Complicated geometry managed
  • Adaptation to the available machine space
  • Repetition and continuous improvement
  • Light weight
GH 3D Printed Quenches


We design, manufacture and repair induction tooling, that is commonly used.

Included are bus bars, quick-change adapters and related elements.


Induction process monitoring (IPM)

For reliable production and process optimization

ISO/TS 16949 and CQI-9 compliance.

Real time process monitoring preventing part defect and fault diagnosis.

Integrable in any induction machine vendor.

GH Induction Process Monitoring System


For an easy and controlled inductor management

Reading and writing of inductors RFID.

From lifetime checking to maintenance planning and inductor in-sights for analysis.

Stand-alone system with data interface.


We have created a service organization to be close to our customers and optimize their investment in inductors called SERVINDUCTORS.

We want them to feel accompanied by induction experts.

In addition to supplying 3D printed coils, we are a company you can trust your production.

Inductor upgrade to 3D

Any traditional coil can be replaced with 3DPCoil to increase its service life and to improve the design.

It is highly recommended in high volume production.


Inductor repair

Inductor analysis, diagnosis, repair and improvement for GH inductors.

GH repair centres are available

If you have a workshop, 3D INDUCTORS can be repair as with traditional ones.

Inductor repair and upgrade to 3D

Global Assistance

Our company’s network and our highly experienced technical service team ensures service is always close to hand.


GH Global assistance

Process development

From your production specifications we define the parameters and components to consider in order to design the system.

Process improvement

Together with you we analyse how to improve your current induction process.

Feasibility Evaluation

To verify the technical feasibility of the induction application we provide inductor design, heating simulations, laboratory tests and experience advice.

Power and frequency range are determined in this process.

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